Thursday, 18 Jul 2024  
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As inventive entrepreneurs ourselves who were once given a chance by our associates and seniors, we understand the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs who have good products or services but lack the funds necessary to market and push out the products and services. We wish to extend the same opportunities that we had to you. Whether you have a revolutionary product that you wish to sell to the region, a service which you believe can become ubiquitous in the market, or even simply an idea that you need someone to discuss with and evaluate, we are more than happy to hear from you.

We can and will be pleased to assist in the various forms of investment - joint ventures, start-ups or even buy-outs. While a bank is able to loan you the funds that you may require, the relationship is, more often than not, a passive one it simply waits for your regular obligatory repayments. We are different. Not only can we provide financial assistance, we can increase your sales channels to extended markets through our joint commercial efforts with existing distribution territories which we are already covering as part of the Silkplus and Multi-Tradeplus Group of Companies.

Do not hesitate. Contact us today. This might just be the opportunity you are seeking.

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