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Events Gallery > 4 Mar 2005 Meeting with Mou Tai
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Multico Holdings Pte Ltd welcomes our guests from Mou Tai at the Shenzhen Great Wall Hotel

A welcome dinner for our guests from Mou Tai

L-R (Front row) : Mr Vincent Foo (GM of Silkplus Pte Ltd), Mr Mr Alan Chow (GM of Silkplus Bistro & Entertainment Pte Ltd), Mr Du Yanqiu (Deputy Manager Guizhou Mou Tai Chiew I/E Co Ltd), Mr Charles Oon (Group CEO), Mr Qiao Hong (GM of Kweichow Mou Tai Liquor Co, Ltd), Mr Kung Ting Keung (Director of Shenzhen Great Wall Hotel) , Mr Yang Shi Yuan (GM Hainan Yan Hai Commercial Co Ltd), Mr Huang Wei- GM of Kweichow MouTai Distillery Group Changli Winery Co. Ltd, Mr Fong Tek Mon (GM Century Mark Pacific Marketing Sdn Bhd), Mr Wang Chong Lin (Director & Manager of China Guizhou Maotai Brewery Trading  HK Ltd)

L-R (Back row) : Mr Simon Lim (GM of Century Mark Pacific Marketing Cambodia Co Ltd), Ms Qin Lihua (GM of Multi-Tradeplus Chengdu Rep Office), Mr Vincent Keong (GM of Shiok Event Management Sdn Bhd), Mr Chen You Chin (GM of Multi- Tradeplus Taiwan Co Ltd), Mr Felix Seet (GM of Oriental Hub Pte Ltd), Ms Nikki Lai (GM of Multi-Tradeplus Hong Kong Ltd)

Mr Qiao Hong, GM of Kweichow Mou Tai Liquor Co, Ltd presenting a momento to Mr Charles Oon, Group CEO

Meeting between Mou Tai and Multico Holdings Pte Ltd

Showing 1 - 4 of 4
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